Introduction to Siskiyou Photonics Solutions

Siskiyou’s photonics components have a solid 36-year history. They have been widely used in research and OEM applications for semiconductors, telecommunications, and the life sciences. Our in-house Oregon manufacturing facility ensures that you will receive the superior quality that has made Siskiyou components a standard throughout the photonics industry. The goal is now, and has always been, to supply quality and value which surpass the competition.

As with all of our products, we apply the Modular by Design™ concept.  This gives the end-user maximum flexibility for the installation of the component. In fields that change rapidly with technological advances, maintaining solid basic designs with maximum flexibility is of paramount importance. Users need traditional devices that can fulfill future demands. We try to anticipate variations in a product’s use and then examine the effects this would have on fit and function. By following this “what if” process, we know our customers will be able to get maximum use from our components with the least amount of design work. We are also willing to modify existing products or design new ones whenever an application requires either a simpler or more complex device. We are familiar with HV and UHV applications (see pages 8–9), nonmagnetic requirements, and custom beam delivery systems. Our IM100 and IM200 series (pages 200–213) are designed for more demanding applications.  The IXM series (pages 214–221) is our most extreme mirror mount and incorporates the latest design features including a thicker back plate, lockable 100TPI adjustment screws, and our patented spring loaded pivot (pat.# 6590723).