Introduction to Siskiyou Laboratory Mechanicals

Siskiyou Corporation has been producing Laboratory Mechanicals for over forty years. From the beginning, these products have been pro­duced with quality and flexibility in mind. Superior quality provides the end user with a product that will fulfill the designed function and con­tinue beyond the service life of competitive products. Designed flexibility provides products which may be used in multiple configurations and applications. By combining flexibility with long service life, many prod­ucts see uses far different from their original application. Sometimes a seemingly simple part of a project can be the most problematic. Our laboratory mechanicals can provide cost-effective solutions to a variety of problems from simple to complex. These products are not aimed at a single discipline, such as Photonics or Electrophysiology, but are de­signed to provide any end user with modular tools limited only by imagi­nation.

Laboratory Mechanicals is the designation for a range of basic components that are Modular by Design™. They are intended to be assembled in virtually any configuration to solve problems presented by a wide variety of scientific experiments. The products utilize standard and consistent dimensions to allow for easy interchangeability. Most products have a variety of mounting configurations and many may be ordered with metric mounting. The modularity of the products provides economical solutions to assembly or configuration problems. Motion Controllers head the list of the product line. The Siskiyou family of controllers includes single-axis up to 4-axis devices. They may be operated manually or governed by a desktop computer. The modularity of the units allows the computer interface unit to be daisy-chained to control up to 64 axes by special request.