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This solid aluminum holder allows mounting of the PC-A chamber adapter (10.8cm) and the PC-A11 chamber adapter (11.0cm). Using the two 1/4-20 cap screw clearance mounting holes, the PC-S can be adapted to our 100cr, 200cr, and 400cr linear stages for the precise translation of a perfusion chamber. When used with the 400cr and our "LT series" adjustment screws, the chamber can be shuttled "in" and "out" of the experimental area when removal of the chamber needs to be repeatedly done.

The PC-S can also be mounted to a 4080p platform and the MX312P tower for fixed rigid configuration.

The perfusion chamber has a full 360-degree rotation when mounted into the PC-A chamber and then secured with the three 8-32 button head screws of the PC-S holder.

Product Features
■■ Stable cast aluminum plate
■■ Pre-drilled / threaded 1/4-20 mounting surface
■■ Vacuum compatible versions available

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adapter, PC-A shuttle

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